In the words of my collaborators, here are some quotes about projects I've worked on from people I've worked with along the way.

"Congratulations on an outstanding publication. You have showcased the school, its students, faculty and alumni in dynamic and interesting ways. This first issue is a great tribute to everything that makes the College an incredible place. You should feel great and be swamped with all sorts of ovations."

- Midge Wilke, former Director of Creative Services, Suffolk University

"I wanted to thank you for your invaluable help this past year. Your expertise, intelligent feedback and willingness to help were truly an aset to our team. We knew throughout we could count on your as a true friend of the Center for Latin American Studies, always contributing with the quality and integrity of the Center in the foremost of your mind. We believe this year has laid the framework for a leap in stature that we all know the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami is worthy of, and we are happy to count you as one of the contributors to our success."

Ariel C. Armony, Director, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Miami

"Sherri—Having seen the truckload of eggs you had delivered to your office over the course of a year gives me even greater appreciation for the soufflé you’ve pulled out of the oven. Your interview with Abram presents him in a revealing light through strong, direct questions. And the layout….its readability—starting stories on right-hand pages, judicious use of pertinent illustrations, and half-tones that don’t get in the way—makes me want to applaud. Congratulations."

Paul Hertneky, writer, professor, Whole Terrain Journal advisor

"A superb and utterly professional tenure as editor of Whole Terrain, Sherri oversaw every aspect of the publication. Her judgment, perseverance, sensibility, and sense of excellence were uniformly remarkable. She has a fine future in publication."

Mitchell Thomashow, former Chair of the Environmental Studies program at Antioch University New England

"I just received Impact magazine and the article really looks wonderful. It was great in PDF form but seeing it, holding it, and seeing Yixuan's drawing in the table of contents makes it all come alive.

Thank you for writing such a compelling article about the work we're doing in ASaP."

-Rachel Balaban, co-founder, Artists and Scientists as Partners, adjunct lecturer, Brown University

"In large part, thanks to Ms. Miles' abilities in writing creatively and effectively in various genres, in framing products appropriately for different audiences, and in implementing a variety of dissemination strategies, our ideas have been well received and our work has become quite highly regarded across the country. IN addition, having closely collaborated with Ms. Miles on a number of published articles, I have seen first hand her truly exceptional communications abilities. Ms. Miles is a truly special individual. She's brilliant, extremely competent, and has incomparable work habits, all while being an extraordinarily compassionate individual. I could not recommend anyone higher."

Joseph DiMartino, former Director, Secondary School Redesign, Education Alliance, Brown University

"When Ms. Miles arrived at Suffolk, the College had no communications office, no alumni magazine, and only a vague description of what these might entail. In what we came to know as her customarily thorough, well-organized manner, Sherri proceeded to establish a long-range plan for internal communications and external marketing of the College and its many constituent programs. She brought creativity and talent to the production of brochures, web sites, blogs, news articles, and other materials. With an eye for detail and high standards of quality, she worked tirelessly at an eclectic and unpredictable set of projects."

Lauri Umansky, former Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, Suffolk University

"I've shared the flip-version climate change article/issue with my sources, and everyone seems pleased! I thought you'd appreciate this lovely note from Professor Timmons Roberts:

... the whole magazine is chock-a-block with really impressive work by Brown colleagues. It's an impressive magazine, kudos.

Debra Bradley Ruder, writer, "Turning up the Heat on Climate Change Solutions," IMPACT Research at Brown magazine