When there are plenty of stories to tell, curating them into an attractive publication shares your mission with the world.

As editor/editor-in-chief, I've produced the following university alumni, development, and outreach magazines; education reform guidebooks; and an environmental literary journal. In print and digital form, these publications involved planning, theme development, interviewing, writing, hiring freelancers, soliciting content, editing manuscripts, collaborating with design, and managing production and distribution. 

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Changing Systems to Personalize Learning: Teaching to Each Student

Teachers have begun to appreciate the power of personalized teaching, not only to change students' lives, but also to invigorate their own. To begin, or to reinforce this process of change and invigoration, the Teaching to Each Student workshop guidebook helps high school change teams conduct professional development workshops that immerse school staff in the reality of personalized teaching.

Changing Systems to Personalize Learning: Introduction to the Personalization Workshops

Changing Systems to Personalize Learning is a series of professional development workshops designed to help secondary school change teams increase their understanding of personalization. The Introduction to the Personalization Workshops draws from current research and classroom experience to provide background information on the systems that must change in order to create more personalized environments for teaching and learning.